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No lighting rig is complete without a bit of atmosphere to add depth and dimension to your show. The atmospheric effect you'll get from the Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 1DX is thinner than fog but dense enough to make your lighting effects pop out in full 3D. At 800 cubic feet/minute, you'll fill a good-sized venue with an even level of haze in no time. The Chauvet Hurricane Haze 1DX includes DMX control with a built-in digital display, so you can easily add it to the rest of your lighting rig and fire off more haze right from your DMX controller. Chauvet also engineered the Hurricane Haze 1DX with longevity and safety in mind; a sensor will stop the pump automatically when the fluid gets low. Many Sweetwater lighting tech's and DJs rely on Chauvet Hurricane haze machines to take their light shows to the next level, and you can, too.

Haze Machine

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